For a time,The attention of Populus in the live broadcast room has soared by hundreds。
These concerns,There are also some small anchors,I gave Populus a little gift,The gesture of holding the thigh is undoubtedly obvious,A series of private chats popped up,All for the popularity of McGon、For support。
“I have to wait for Mai’s friend,Give a question to test everyone,The answer is correct!An island,See who gets it。”Hu Yang said。
It’s the question and answer again,Is what everyone expected。This time reward,Is an island,Worth five hundred yuan!This anchor is different。
Populus pointed to two porcelain jars,Asked:“Who knows the name of this thing?”
Ok?Isn’t it just a food jar??
“Blue and white porcelain!”
“Famille rose!”
For a time,What kind of porcelain has been said。
Populus can’t laugh or cry:“I’m not asking about the type of porcelain,But what is it called。Like this table,We call it dinner table。”
Just finished,What food container、Food jar、Jugs are coming out。
suddenly,Hu Yang saw a correct answer,But it was swept down all at once,Not looking seriously,May not notice。
“All right,All right!I saw someone got it right。The two porcelain jars you see,Originally from the study room,Which is what we call the study,Call pen wash。As the name suggests,Is for washing pens。”
Pen wash is a traditional craft,Four Treasure Pens、ink、paper、A stationery other than inkstone,It’s a container for washing pens,Be clever in shape、various kinds、Elegant, exquisite and popular,Handed down in the brush,There are many art treasures。
“It has many textures,Including porcelain、jade、agate、Enamel、Ivory and rhino horn etc.,Basically are precious materials。All kinds of pen washing,The most common is porcelain brush wash。
The brother who got the right answer,Bubble!”Populus explained。