The auction party almost didn’t applaud,This situation,To them,It’s like a god assist。Better than spending money,The best thing is that the Chinese and Korean are pinching each other。

To know,There are still many Chinese cultural relics behind。
Now the Chinese are creating problems for Koreans,It’s Korean people’s turn later,No matter what,It is their auctioneer who benefited。
And the live room,Some people think that Populus did this,Really narrow-minded,We lose the traditional virtues of our Chinese。
These two speeches,Was immediately screamed by other viewers in the live broadcast room。
“What are you talking about at this time to convince people with virtue?”
“Sorry,My dog accidentally ran out,Trouble everyone。”
“Nima!Lick the stick,Is this interesting?”
“There are people who sympathize with sticks,magical。Oh shit!Just now,When Brother Hu was disgusted,Why don’t they come out to speak?”
“right now,There are many people who lick the stick。”
“Ugh!Things that can’t be helped,Bangzi’s entertainment culture is too aggressive now,Whether it is a Korean drama,Or variety show,Has a big market in China,Have many fans。Some fans,To please the Koreans,I don’t care what my country loses。”
“Just,Last time saw a show,They actually said that Tangram is their traditional Korean craft,They invented in Korea,But a bunch of brain-dead still feel that it is other people’s culture,Nothing controversial。Say again,Don’t want in your own country,What about giving it to others?Oh my God,What is this idea?”
Many people know,Tangram is an invention of ancient Chinese working people,Its history can be traced back to at least the first century BC,Basically in the Ming Dynasty。Bright、Widely spread among the Chinese people in the Qing Dynasty,Qing Lu Yiyan《Miscellaneous》It reads in volume one:Tangram,Formula five,Number seven,There are more than a thousand changes。
in18century,Tangram has spread abroad。Needham said it is one of the oldest pastimes in the East,There is still one in the library of Cambridge University《Qiqiao New Music》。