Yoga summer slimming menu

Yoga summer slimming “menu”

In summer, many sports can make people sweat very quickly. If the weather is sultry, this feeling is even more disturbing.
Therefore, meditation yoga has become the first choice for summer exercise.
To use yoga to achieve the best weight-loss effect, it is not just the movements in place. Several key points must be remembered.
  Drink a lot of water. The practice of drinking 8 glasses of water a day is usually increased during weight loss. Drinking more water can help the body eliminate toxic substances.
Drink as much coffee as possible, but drink more green tea and oolong tea.
  Practicing Yoga on an empty stomach in the morning. Practicing the yoga style 6 times in the morning, then with a few thin side waist movements, such as triangle, triangle side stretch, etc., generally practice about 30 minutes.
Practicing yoga on an empty stomach in the morning is the best choice for weight loss.
Because practicing yoga on an empty stomach consumes fat and can increase the metabolism rate for a day.
However, fasting is not the same as hunger. You should drink some liquid food such as milk and honey before practicing.
  Eat less and eat more every 2.
Eat some food for 5 to 3 hours, which is 5 small meals a day, and make sure that nutrition is as balanced as possible.
If office workers find it inconvenient, you can bring more yogurt, milk, and fruit.
  Occasional indulgence without self-blame Yoga speaks to the body, it teaches us to listen to the sounds from the body.
Therefore, when the body raises a “protest”, it may wish to satisfy the appetite once, but not too frequently, at most once a week.