The majestic big dog barked and charged up,Lu Xin was trembling with fright,Scream again and again,Raiying threw her to the ground,Big mouth with sharp teeth opened,Long tongue hanging in front of her eyes,Hot breath sprayed on her face,So scared that she almost fainted。

Since,Lu Xin has a long memory,Rarely pick things up,Unless encounter。
Borrowing the light of Raikage,Yangliu finally lived a quiet life。
Willow growing up slowly,I know it’s not that simple for adults,Mom loves dad,Willing to be wronged,As a daughter,She can’t interfere with her mother’s decision;And dad,to be frank,Still good to myself,otherwise,Lu Xin won’t always trouble her。
It’s not long since I framed her for stealing at the party last time,Troubled myself so soon,Xiaoqiang is really unbeatable。
Don’t even say why,Just order her out,You are Miss Lu Family,I’m not under the Lu family,Want this girl to meet,I have to follow the girl’s rules!
Two people who dislike each other,you do not like me,I like you too,Than Lu Xin hates her,She hates Lu Xin even more!
Because she troubles herself every other day,Yangliu changed the phone numbers,Finally stopped for a while,This eldest lady is crazy again!
and also,Who told her her phone number?It seems,I need to talk to dad。
Threw down the phone and went to the bathroom,It’s so hot, she wants to take a bath,Lu Xin wants to see her,Wait patiently!
Lu Xin waited in the coffee shop for a while,Lu Yao didn’t arrive;Waited another fifteen minutes,No figure,Furious!
Time passes by,She has been waiting for more than an hour,Lu Yao still didn’t show up,Lu Xin’s anxiety from the beginning,Become the current temperless,This shift,Really unexpected。
Pick up the phone again,Call the phone that no one answered,Okay,Connected this time,“Wait for me at the pavilion in our community。”
A short sentence,After the notification, I didn’t wait for Lu Xin to hear,Hung up,So angry that she can’t spit it out in her chest!
Yangliu is about to go out refreshingly,Raiying ran over with his tongue hanging out,Rubbing against her leg,Made her itchy。
“Raikage,I’m going to see Lu Xin,You still stay at home,That coward is afraid of you。”
Raikage barking a few times,Bright black eyes watch the master seriously,Neither walk away nor sit down,Just stick to the willow,You won’t take me out,I rely on your posture。
Yangliu shuns its hair,Pan its head,“Ok,Sister take you,but,No order from me,You can’t scare her。”