Mainly I am afraid of being cut,So far away,Ensure the safety of the red boronite。

Hu Yang and others complained,Don’t have to be so far apart?Do you think,How big is that stuff??Just cut it two or three centimeters around there!
Everyone is working carefully,Even the boss is very nervous。
Half an hour,Finally got that piece of boronite,Didn’t bump into a bit。Just now,Everyone also through the Internet,I learned that boronite is worth one gram30Ten thousand,note,Still dollars。Calculated in RMB,One gram is one or two million,terrible!
under these circumstances,That’s why the boss is not nervous,Broke a little bit,He is not happy!
Finally take it out,It is found that the whole piece of boronite is not as small as what everyone has seen before,Middle part,As thick as a toe,Oval。
but,The top piece,Has been taken away by the stone mining people,Can’t find it。to this end,The boss is heartbroken。
This piece,It’s not just one gram?
Then,It’s about two million yuan。
“boss,You can take it to a special appraisal agency for appraisal first。This gem,Once verified to be true,Don’t worry about not being sold,Soon there will be people looking for high prices。”Hu Yang gave the boss a trick。
The boss thanked him again:“It’s late!I’m going to be the host today,Everyone must show your face。”
As for Populus, he used his machine to cut rough jadeite,Let Zhong Wenqiu’s cousin treat him to dinner,He has forgotten everything。
Windfall more than two million,How to be upset?Even the folks in the factory,He is going to send out a red envelope。
As for Zhong Wenqiu,He is also going to ask his buddy to pay a fortune,After all, if it wasn’t for Zhong Wenqiu to bring someone here,,No one found a gem hidden in that stone!
Zhong Wenqiu immediately suffered:“Don’t!My house is ready,Brother Hu also said to eat at my house today。”
Or his cousin spoke up:“boss,Since everyone said yes,Then we will treat you tonight,this is nothing,Do not conflict。”