Workplace cold protection for employees

Workplace cold protection for employees

The financial crisis sweeping the United States has also had a strong impact on the economies of developing countries, and has also added many uncertain factors to the workplace this year.

Recently, Job36 has launched 10 industry talent job hunting index reports jointly with the industry talent websites of its affiliates.

  According to the survey data, affected by the “financial tsunami”, during the peak period of the “Jin Jiu Yin Ten” recruitment peak, there has been a decrease in the demand for corporate employment.

Some companies have begun to adjust their recruitment plans, lay off employees, and cut salaries frequently.

Fresh college students are facing an employment crisis, and workplace workers are facing the danger of losing their jobs. For those who are about to enter the workplace and have already entered the workplace, facing the economic depression, how to achieve employment and keep jobs is their most concerned thing now.

  College student: Taobao Online “sells itself” A girl who graduated from a college in Shanghai in 2007 “sells herself” on Taobao.

The product was sold under the title “One Chinese High-Quality Labor Force, One Year of Work Experience”.

“Seller” was a full-time analyst at a Shanghai company a year ago, and just in September this year, the global financial crisis spread and many companies laid off employees. She was not spared and joined the unemployed army.

In the following two months, she submitted countless resumes, but most of them were sinking into the sea.

“Selling” herself on Taobao, and becoming a platform to sell herself is also her helpless response to the financial crisis.

  Female white-collar workers: Unexpected pregnancy layoffs The layoffs caused by the financial crisis have caused some panic among domestic white-collar workers.

The white-collar workers are like heart-struck birds.

Recently, in order to avoid layoffs, some working women in some companies have added the “child-raising plan” that has not been on the agenda in advance to join the ranks of expectant mothers in the workplace, and are preparing to gradually cope with the possible layoff storm and keep their current jobs.

A woman doing software operation testing at a foreign IT company said that she is focusing on layoffs in non-core departments of the company. In order to avoid being fired, she is brewing a plan for making people.

  Recognize statutory positive charging In this “Golden Nine Silver Ten” “extraordinary period”, whether it is a fresh graduate, a person who is ready to change jobs, or a professional, most of them have awakened the impact of the financial crisis on themselves, but they do n’t have to panic too much and recognizeIt is considered that how to give play to “subjective initiative” under the circumstance that external factors cannot change is a question worth thinking about.

Under the current highest standards, recognize your own knowledge, ability and career positioning, put more advantages on improving your own ability, work hard on internal skills, and avoid weaknesses, in order to find possibilities from challenges and try to turn unfavorable factors intoadvantageous.