Watching TV and computers for a long time makes you glow

Watching TV and computers for a long time makes you “glow”

The ophthalmology clinic was bustling. A child walked and bumped into a middle-aged woman, nearly hit her.
The woman casually cursed in Cantonese: Are you blue?
Travel without eyes.
“Glowing light” is a common name for the atrophy of the optic nerve in Guangzhou dialect. Because the optic nerve atrophy, the pupils will be enlarged, and the pupils will be named with a light blue light.
You may not know that toxic and side effects of drugs and watching TV and computers for a long time may make you “glow”.
  Watching TV and computers for a long time is an inducement. Huang Zhongwei, chief physician of the department of ophthalmology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that optic nerve atrophy is not the name of a disease, but the final result of optic nerve damage.
Presented as changes in visual field, vision loss or loss.
Fundus examination showed that the optic disc was pale yellow or pale in color, and the blood vessels became thinner.
  There are many causes of optic nerve atrophy, common optic nerve and fundus inflammation, congenital or hereditary optic neuropathy, ocular trauma, skull or orbital tumors, drug side effects (such as ethambutol, quinine, etc.) and excessive alcohol and tobacco.
Optic nerve atrophy is not only associated with eye disease, but also with systemic diseases. Even sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis can cause optic nerve atrophy.
It can occur at different ages, and may be induced by addiction to the Internet and watching TV for a long time.
  疾病早期易被误诊屈光不正  视神经萎缩的发病较隐蔽,原发性视神经萎缩由于眼睛不红不痛,较难引起人们早期发现,尤其是单眼发病,常有人偶尔发现视力很差,经检查已经It is the late optic nerve atrophy.
  Huang Zhongwei introduced that early-onset patients are often easily mistaken for refractive errors, glaucoma, etc. Women with irregular menstruation and infertility, if accompanied by decreased vision, should pay attention to brain tumor screening.
The diagnosis cannot be confirmed only by low vision and whitening of the optic disc, and a preliminary judgment must be made in conjunction with visual field, visual electrophysiology, OCT, and fundus angiography.
When necessary, it is necessary to cooperate with skull CT, MRI and even genetic tests to make a final diagnosis.
  Active treatment can maintain optic nerve function. Once optic nerve atrophy is confirmed, it is almost impossible to cure it, but it is possible for its residual nerve fibers to recover or maintain its function, so patients should adhere to treatment.
Huang Zhongwei introduced that, for the choice of treatment methods, he tends to focus on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.
The general treatment principles are Shuganhuoxue, Huatantongluo, spleen and qi, and liver and kidney.
In particular, patients should ban smoking and alcohol abuse. According to their vision and physical condition, they should pay attention to enhancing their physical fitness. They often do aerobic exercises such as swimming, jogging, or playing Tai Chi.