“You don’t have to sing!It’s okay to just go in and chat。”Zhuang Fan said。

Populus still shook his head,It’s not that he doesn’t want to help people。I feel embarrassed;Secondly, I think I am a new anchor,Ran into the live broadcast room,What popularity can it bring to others。
He thought about it,Talk to Huazi:“yesterday,Didn’t you dig out some gifts in the platform’s treasure digging activity??”
Hua Zi nodded:“Ok!Two goddess treasure chest。”
Their platform,There are also some activities,Like dating a goddess、Treasure digging activities and more,Have the opportunity to draw special platform gifts。
Treasure boxes are gifts for digging treasure,There are three types,The last one is the lucky treasure box,30,000 coins each,Then there is the goddess treasure chest,50,000 coins one,The first prize is the wizard chest,Seventy thousand coins a。
This kind of activity,Actually it’s almost the same as buying lottery tickets,Earn and lose,Lucky。
yesterday,Hua Tsai has good luck,Only spent ten thousand coins,Dug out two goddess treasure chests,Total value of 100,000 coins,Which is one thousand RMB。
“Ok!Then send her off,correct,There are still those shaking things in the warehouse,Are they all cleared?!”Populus feel,Compared to guest appearances in other live broadcast rooms,Might as well give something practical。
Their platform,300 yuan per recharge,You will get a lucky draw opportunity,It is also possible to shake out special gifts for the platform。
Populus recharged so much,The first prize of 30,000 coins is over ten, right??specific,Populus did not pay attention。It’s Hua Tsai,Very keen on such things,I really enjoy the feeling of winning the first prize。
“Oh!Send them all?”
“Ok!It’s no use keeping it for yourself anyway,Are all given away。”Hu Yang nodded。
Zhuang Fan and others are happy for Xiaoli,Maybe Brother Hu gave it away,It’s more than Xiaoli’s hard work in the previous days。A local tyrant like Hu,Who knows how many gifts are in the warehouse?!
Many players on the platform,I like to stock up the warehouse,Warehouse gifts may be worth several million stars in total,Even tens of millions of stars。
Gifts like treasure boxes,Although the anchor’s commission is not high,But because it allows players to open treasure chests to grab coins,So it attracts popularity。of course,It is undeniable that a lot of money grabbing is just hanging。
Connecting with peoplePKXiaoli,I don’t know the company is coming。