How to turn expired cosmetics into treasure


How to turn expired cosmetics into treasure

What should I do if my cosmetics expire?

What should I do if I accidentally buy an inappropriate powder?

Read the following article to teach you a good way to change expired cosmetics from rotten to magical, all your worries are gone!


hzh {display: none; }  睫毛膏干了怎么办?  In fact, the best use period of mascara is half a year, but few people can use one in half a year; after half a year, when the eyelashes are drawn, it is prone to agglomeration, which may not only fly legs, but also damage the eyelashes.The precious eyelashes have become scarce, so there are simple ways to solve them: 1.

Tighten the mouth of the mascara and soak it in hot water for about 10 minutes. After taking it out, it was found that the mascara was new and smooth.

  Note that this method is only suitable for those who have not done it for a long time. If it has not been used for several years, then this method cannot be used.


Put a few drops of toner (that is, toner, toner, etc.), put the brush head in and gently stir.

  Note that the oil content of the lotion is enough. Do not put on the lotion, and be sure to control the amount. Do not put too much, try it drop by drop!

  What should I do if my foundation or eyeshadow is broken accidentally?

  Use a small watering can to spray a little water. It is best to use lotion. It feels waste. Ordinary water can also be used. Then rub it gently with a puff. After molding, it can be dried.

If possible, it is best to concentrate the crushed powder in a smaller box, and then the above operation will be better!

  After using the lip gloss for more than half, I can’t get it on, what should I do?

  A few drops of water!

Don’t doubt it, it’s water!

But be careful not to overdo it!

The method is, use chopsticks (be sure to ensure that the oil-free is clean) with water, the first drop, tighten the bottle cap, shake it, and see if it is suitable, if it is enough, ok if it is not enough, drop a drop, and so on,Be sure to try it drop by drop, don’t overdo it, otherwise it will become very thin and eventually useless!

  What should I do if I accidentally bought a powder of inappropriate color?

  We are often tempted by a counter lady to buy liquid foundation or powder under the impulse, but when I go home and use it, I find that it is either too white or too dark, which is too much different from myself, but things like cosmetics cannotWhat should I do if I return it?

It’s hard to give away, but it’s a pity to throw it there, then we must use our brains and make good use of it!

  The general method is to use white highlights on the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, and cheekbones.

If the color is too dark, use it as a shadow and apply it to the nose and cheeks.

If you find it troublesome, just use it to paint your neck. Most people’s necks are darker than their faces, so powders you don’t like should be used to paint your neck!

  Foundation, loose powder: Pack them in a delicate cloth bag and put them in the closet or shoes to remove moisture; the carpet is sprinkled with water, oil, juice, or something, you can use this loose powder to wrap it up and handle it.Already.

  All expired cosmetics can be applied to the feet, which is a feast for the cold feet.

  Lotion: Tonic alcoholic can wipe the dressing table, greasy table, tile, range hood, and then use a clean rag afterwards; moisturizing you can use the leather shoes and leather sofas; Lotion wipes the mirror, very clean!!

  Perfume: The general consumption method is spraying on the toilet, room, car “room”, or washed clothes; there is spraying on the cotton pad, you can wipe the traces left by the tape; but sisters are strongly recommendedIn the handbag, when he meets the satyr, he sprays on his mung bean eyes; wipe the dirty lamps with expired perfume, that is, it can be cleaned, and at the same time, the heat of the lamps is beneficial to the distribution of perfume, which can make the home fragrant.