[Confinement to eat sea cucumber]_ sea cucumber _ confinement _ can you eat

[Confinement to eat sea cucumber]_ sea cucumber _ confinement _ can you eat

During the confinement period, the maternal dietary health is very important, because it is related to the recovery of the body and the breastfeeding health of the baby. Of course, sea cucumber can be eaten during the confinement period. Eating sea cucumber is more beneficial for wound recovery, especially for wound recoveryFor women who have a caesarean section, they should also pay attention to other life care during the confinement period and keep warm.

First, you can, but you can’t eat more. You can drink one or two slices of sea cucumber.

Second, eating sea cucumber is conducive to wound healing, but it is not only by eating sea cucumber.

There are sea cucumbers in the world. Not many people eat sea cucumbers. They can still recover well after surgery. The key is to add enough protein and multivitamins.

So there is no need to eat sea cucumber to count as nutrition.

Drinking various broths, fish soups, and fruit juices will still have great potential for nutrition.

Eat sea cucumber less in the third trimester and postpartum as soon as possible, clinical observations can indeed reduce milk secretion.

The claim of Kai milk soup has not been heard, but in Liu Chun’s “Short-Life Article”, it is recorded that radish and hawthorn are used to boil water to drink, which is beneficial to the recovery of birth trauma (including newborns).

Third, due to blood loss, gas consumption, and extremely weak body when giving birth to a child, the traditional Chinese medicine called qi and blood deficiency, so it was necessary to rest and supplement.

Fourth, pay attention to the following points when confinement: 1. Don’t catch a cold, hurt your body and hurt your children.

2, eat loose and soup foods should not eat hard food.

3. Don’t eat cold food.

3, should not eat spicy food.

4. Eat foods and medicines such as beef, lamb, angelica, angelica, seven tons of chicken, fish and sea cucumber to eat qi and blood, aphrodisiac, and blood to promote blood circulation. You can only eat 5 when you are confinement.It is not advisable to brush your teeth, because the bones are soft.

Do not eat cold fruits.

Should not eat hot pot.