The few people saw Abao coming by car,Surprised,I can’t help but look at Abao even more,All standing by the road,Wave your hands to send Abao to drive over。

At the end,They were still discussing enthusiastically and met the great man Leopard。
To Qinghe,Leopard chatting about the meeting,Eloquent in words,In a good mood。
Chen Wenjin noticed that Xiaoji was a little absent-minded,She tried her best to invite Xiaohua to come,But Xiaohua is obviously unwilling,So after getting off at Qinghe,Xiao Ji’s state becomes absent。
Sit for a while,Brother Xiu is here,Talk about modification,Brother Xiu gave a lot of advice。
At the end,Suddenly said with a pity:“If you only buy a car now,There happened to be a modified car。”
Chen Wenjin’s heart moved after hearing this,Think of Xiao Wang’s car。
That guy got into the game,If the car was bought in Qinghe,People here know the details of the car,What would they do with an ownerless car?
“What Brother Xiu said,Isn’t it Xiao Wang’s car??”Chen Wenjin guessed and asked。
“Yes indeed!It’s his。They all went in,I can’t pay the money I owe,Everyone just put their car,Motorcycles are used to pay off debts。”Brother Xiu is here,Said with a low laugh:“In fact, it’s almost a hand!As for whether you owe money,How much is owed,Where can I go to confrontation??Xiao Wang’s car is still packing,Should be pretty good。”
Chen Wenjin asked Xiao Xiao:“Don’t you like that car very much?”
“Not enough money。”Xiao Xiao likes it very much。
Chen Wenjin called Wang Shuai,Say after you connect:“It is inconvenient for you to have no car recently!”
“……Tell me directly,I can’t stand the hypocritical concern。”
“Xiao Wang’s cool modified car is on sale,You might as well buy it and drive it,Waiting for your car to be repaired,Xiao Xiao can sell her if she has enough money。”
“Then come over and get the money。”Wang Shuai knew it was a reason,He can’t refuse this,Don’t talk nonsense。
“I’m too lazy to take a trip,I will pay for the car first,You’ll give it to me tomorrow。”Chen Wenjin just finished,Wang Shuai couldn’t help but lose his temper and said:“are you crazy?Then you can just buy it and wait until Xiao Xiao has enough money to give it to you,Why are you still looking for me?”
“What do you say?”Chen Wenjin asked not anxiously。