Yang Qiuyun did say,Waiting for her to fall in love,When you really understand the relationship between men and women,Tell her their stories。

Daughter’s love hasn’t started yet,But she has grown up,Have their own thoughts,It’s time to tell her why。
The story of Cinderella and the Prince,Not all romantic,Not touching,Lu Jinning is pampering,The prince who does not know the suffering of the world;Yang Qiuyun,It’s a real Cinderella。
Mother got seriously ill when she was ten,The originally well-off family returned to before liberation overnight,No deposit,House sold,Didn’t save my mother’s life。
Dad is an ordinary civil servant,Honest and gentle,Live well,When my wife is seriously ill,He served with all his heart,No complaints,Favored by female colleagues,One year after mom left,Reorganized the family with colleagues,Another year passed,Brother was born。
The family of three lives in a small two-bedroom house left by grandma,Although not rich,But two people go to work,Raise a child,Fair enough。
After the younger brother was born,The harmony and calm on the surface are broken,Stepmother no longer cared for her,A bitter face appeared,Especially when there are few rooms at home,Her baby boy can only live in the living room,Seeing Yang Qiuyun is even more unpleasant。
A man’s good reputation does not allow her to abuse her stepdaughter,I can only ignore her,No matter how Yang Qiuyun pleases her stepmother,Can’t change reality。
Since my mom left,Much older than his peers,There is no smile on my face,Until my brother is born,Dad smiled again。
Yang Qiuyun knows that her stepmother doesn’t like her,As long as father is happy,She doesn’t care,Aggrieved,Don’t tell dad,Swallowed silently。
This situation continued until she was admitted to university。
The first National Day holiday in college,When she returns to the home she missed,I realized that this family no longer has a foothold for her。
Her bedroom is occupied by her brother,Her things are put in a big box,Put on the balcony,She can only bend down on the little brother’s bed,It’s not a few days anyway,Will do。