Chen Geng did not answer,But to ask:“how?They are looking for you?”

“you are right,”Bill·Ford’s joyous way:“It’s Toyota’s president Tatsuro Toyota.,Just left。”
Chen Geng gave a chuckle,He can feel bill·Ford’s pride,Asked:“I begged you for mercy?”
“Really got you right,”Bill·Ford’s joyous way:“The old guy’s waist is about to be broken……”
Chen Geng interrupted Bill suddenly·Ford’s words,Asked:“Bill,You won’t be really moved by the Dongying people,Prepare to let them go?”
“how is this possible?Fernandez,Don’t make such a joke!”Bill·Ford was taken aback,Hurriedly said:“How could I do such a stupid thing?”
Think of these years,Ford Motors almost completely did not enjoy the dividends of the expansion of the US automobile consumer market,Empty the title of America’s second largest automaker,Over ten years,The U.S. automotive consumer market has nearly doubled in size,Ford’s total sales have only increased by less than20Ten thousand,Shame!
Who robbed these new markets?
Although the four major U.S. automakers have all received a certain amount of new shares,But the biggest piece of meat was stillAMCAnd Dongying people snatched it away。
Fernandez·Chen ShiAMCCar shareholders,forAMC,Bill·Ford has nothing to say,But Dongying people robbed so much market,Then we have to take this opportunity to talk to Dongying people。
“You don’t think so,”Chen Geng said:“I thought you were caught by Dongying people‘Sincere’Impressed by the bow,Ready to let them go。”
“Absolutely nothing like this!”Bill·Ford said immediately:“Dude,do not worry,I still remember the face of Dongying people before。”
“As long as you remember,”Chen Geng nodded:“Dude,Let’s make time to sit and sit together these two days,I think we can consider opening up a European battlefield。”