White vinegar whitening skin is also vinegar jar_1

White vinegar whitening skin is also a jar of vinegar

Guide: For jealous people, we call him vinegar jar, is that jealous?

No, look how you eat.

White vinegar whitens. If the skin is jealous, that’s great.

Vinegar is very sour, but think about having white and delicate skin, and what is sour.

White vinegar can remove aging cutin and resist oxidation.

We know that oxidized skin will become dull and stained easily, and pigmentation will occur easily.

Therefore, whitening of white vinegar has scientific basis.

  Do not use white vinegar directly. Pinran white vinegar is made by food technology, but it still contains a lot of chemical ingredients and is relatively acidic.

Therefore, you must avoid applying white vinegar directly to your face. The best way is to reduce the concentration of white vinegar with warm water before you start our beauty work.

    White vinegar wash with white vinegar to make the skin delicate, tender, smooth and white.


White vinegar daily washing your face: buy a bottle of white vinegar, put a small basin of water every time you wash your face, pour so much vinegar in a bottle cap, pour it into the water and mix well, pour it on a wooden board, then pour the water and start the normal face washing procedure.

Washing your face with vinegar water can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells, restore the skin’s luster and elasticity, and also soften the cuticle, whiten and sterilize.


White vinegar removes wrinkles: White vinegar can reduce wrinkles. After washing your face at night, take 1 spoon of vinegar and 3 spoons of water and mix it with a cotton ball. Rub it gently on the wrinkled area of your face, and then massage it gently with your fingers.Wash it.


White vinegar whitening method spot: use white vinegar to mix the traditional Chinese medicine Atractylodes medicament and mix, seal and soak for one week.

After washing your face every day, rub the spot on the face of the face to gradually remove the freckles and fade away.

  White vinegar whitening recipes carefully mix white vinegar with other ingredients to have unexpected beauty effects.

  Materials: One bottle of Shanghai white vinegar and one bottle of Phoenix glycerin.

  Formula one: those with rough skin.

White vinegar: mixed with glycerol = 2: 1, often rubbing the skin, 2-3 times a day, can make the skin moist and reduce melanin deposition. After one month, the skin is delicate and white, clean, smooth and elastic.

  Formula 2: Those with dry, itchy skin.

White vinegar: glycerin 4: 1 mixed, when the pores are opened after washing the face or bath, when the skin is not dry, it can be applied to the skin, which has a good effect.

  Formula 3: Super skin moisturizing recipe.

White vinegar + glycerin + one or two astragalus. This white vinegar whitening formula is very moisturizing and a little sticky, so you don’t need to apply skin cream after use. This formula is suitable for night use.

  Formula four: white vinegar whitening formula.

White vinegar: glycerin: pure water = 1: 2: 4, more white vinegar in summer and more glycerin in winter.

If you think the vinegar is too strong, add some pure water.

Message from the editor: White vinegar whitening has been an effective method for many people, and beauty MMs can try it.