[Gourd Steamed Glutinous Rice]_Steamed Pumpkin_How to Make

[Gourd Steamed Glutinous Rice]_Steamed Pumpkin_How to Make

People are more and more particular about what they eat, and when they eat delicious food outside, they will go online to check their practices, and then try to make them at home.

Gourd steamed glutinous rice is a dish suitable for women and children. It is a good choice to make such an alternative when the family has a meal.

The following is a detailed introduction to some steamed glutinous rice recipes for those who want to learn.

Method 1: Ingredients: 500g pumpkin, 50g glutinous rice, 20g tremella, appropriate amount of rock sugar. Method: 1. Wash and soak glutinous rice in advance one day and one night (for softer ones, you can soak it for 2-3 days).Yes, this is the preparatory work to be done in advance; 2. After the glutinous rice and white fungus have been soaked, you can start making, peeling, peeling, and washing the pumpkin, and preparing for use; 3, cutting the pumpkin vertically and then horizontallyCut a knife, cut into 1 cm thick slices and put them in a bowl; 4. Put glutinous rice on the sliced pumpkin slices, then tremella, and put the right amount of rock sugar at the end; 5. Put the glutinous rice pumpkin after the plate remainsSimmer on the pot for about 15 minutes and then come out of the pot. 6. At the end, hook a very thin scallion. If there is wine, you can use wine to simmer, don’t have a flavor.

Method 2 Ingredients: 1 pumpkin, appropriate amount of glutinous rice, 2 gelatin candied dates, about 20 medlars, red bean paste, suitable method: 1, soak the glutinous rice for several hours in advance, and then steam it in a steamer;Cut it horizontally and remove the scoop inside with a spoon.

Cut the candied dates, and wash the wolfberry; 3. Spread about 1/3 thick glutinous rice inside the pumpkin, and compact it with a spoon; 4. Spread a layer of red bean paste, and put 1/2 of the candied dates; 5,Put the remaining glutinous rice in it and compact it gently with a spoon.

Spread the wolfberry and the remaining jujube sticks on the surface, and compact them gently. 6. Cover the upper part of the pumpkin, put it in a steamer, turn on the heat, change the heat to medium heat and steam for 40 minutes.

Method 3 Ingredients: 1 small pumpkin, 100g glutinous rice, 20g sugar, red bean paste or honey red beans or jujube. Method: 1, soak a bowl of glutinous rice in advance to fully absorb water, or raw rice is easy to appear when steamed; 2Put the pumpkin aside and dig out the seeds. 3. Put the pumpkin in a bowl. Fill the rice with 8 minutes and fill it with glutinous rice. Mix other ingredients such as bean paste and jujube with rice.I add 30ml, because the water permeability of rice bubbles is not easy to add, put it in the pressure cooker; 5, buckle a plate, so as to avoid excessive water vapor into the rice to affect the taste, after steaming, steam for 40 minutes.