What do I need for skin lunch break maintenance

What do I need for skin lunch break maintenance

Core Tip: In addition to the proper relaxation of your body during lunch break, your skin also needs a deep breath in order to look radiant to the afternoon work.

For a short time at noon, how should I change my skin?

I give you a few tips.

  When the skin care products applied in the morning eventually fail and the skin’s water-oil balance is broken, it must be reconditioned during the lunch break.

This is the same as when the body needs to rehydrate after exercise.

In extreme dryness, the skin needs to overcome external forces to strengthen its “muscle strength” and overcome the harsh environment.

  ● Who killed the skin’s hydration?

  There are two major skin killers in the office—computers and air conditioners.

The static electricity generated by the computer when it is turned on will cause a lot of dust to be adsorbed on the screen surface, causing a large amount of dust and dirt to fall on the skin, making the skin dirty, and causing pores to gradually thicken.

  In addition, data show that for every 5 degrees decrease in temperature in the air-conditioned room, the humidity in the air will decrease by 20%.

In addition, we often go in and out of the air-conditioned room. Under the alternating heat and cold, fragile skin becomes incompetent, which not only makes the oil secretion dysregulation. In the long run, it will also leave the skin in a sub-healthy state of “external oil dry inside”.

  ● What is the best time for midday maintenance?

  The best time to make up is before lunch, not after lunch.

Because going out without makeup will damage the part of the makeup that ‘s UV rays, so it ‘s too late to make up.

If you eat in the office, skin care can be done from before lunch until around 2pm.

  ● Where is suitable for taking care of skin during lunch break?

  The most suitable place for lunch break maintenance is the tea room. Inviting a few colleagues to do it will not only beautify but also enhance your intimacy with your colleagues. In addition, a small meeting room is also a good choice.

It really doesn’t work, and moving to the bathroom is also a feasible way.

  ● What do I need for lunch break maintenance?

  Moisturizing sprays, oil-absorbing facial tissues and cotton pads are 3 essential items for skin nourishment.

  In addition, women who adore beauty can prepare some quick-hydrating masks, eye masks, and essences; while women who are used to makeup, in addition to carrying makeup and cream in their makeup bags, the most indispensable props are wet and dry.Use pressed powder.

When your skin is extremely dry, apply a layer of moisturizing powder puff to modify dry lines and slight makeup removal.

  Su Yan School: Hydrating Beauty Is Not a Problem!

  What I want: ● Even if the air conditioner in the office is like a dehumidifier, it can keep the skin hydrated.

  ● I am a “big oilfield”. When I participate in the afternoon, I hope I can be as clean and fresh as when I go out in the morning.

  Solution: 1 Timed spray: The key point of skin care in air-conditioned rooms is moisturizing.

The lunch break is not harmful to spray the skin with a moisture spray, but remember to use a paper towel to absorb excess moisture after spraying for 20 seconds, to avoid air conditioning to drain the skin’s moisture.

  2Essence goes first: Still feel dry?

Before applying the moisturizing cream, you can use the essence as a base. This will allow the moisturizing to leak into the bottom of the muscles durably, and it will make the water retention effect lasting and lock the skin’s moisture firmly in the skin.

  3Selective oil control: The climate in the air-conditioned room is dry, and oil control products with proper moisture are more suitable for “survival” in this environment, such as oil control lotion.

Simply apply this product to the T-shaped area.

  4 Oil blotting paper quota: Even if your bladder secretes a lot of oil, don’t rely on oil blotting paper.

Excessive use of oil-absorbing tissue paper will cause the skin to lose proper oil, but it will be easy to dry. It is advisable to use a maximum of 2 sheets a day in the office.

When using, just press the tissue lightly on the face, do not wipe back and forth.

5 intimate eye mask: pay attention to the computer all morning, small fine lines and dark circles have been unknowingly deepened, eye mask with deep nourishing effect is best for beauty at noon.

It is small and not exaggerated, so as not to scare colleagues next door when you apply the mask.

  6 Full Face Care: Want to see your customers in the afternoon full?

no problem.Prepare a small bottle of moisturizing lotion (not containing alcohol) and a compressed paper mask in the office. Pour the lotion on the mask and leave it on your body for 15 minutes.

In addition, there is a simple method, which is to put a box of individually packed moisturizing paper mask in the office.

  7Adolescent care: Correct the age that is most likely to complicate us, and OLs who have been facing the computer for a long time can easily cause wrinkles.

During lunch break, you can lean your head on the back of the chair and do some simple massages to help remove lines.

  Makeup pie: perfect makeup in one day!

  What I want: ● I want to make my makeup last longer. I do n’t spend money or powder, and I can go out beautifully after work.

  ● No trouble removing makeup, but want to make up and hydrate the skin at the same time.

  Solution: 1 Partial decomposition makeup removal: makeup removal cannot be generalized, and the right medicine should be prescribed.

For example, dry skin is prone to “makeup removal” on the cheeks, while oily skin makeup is “sucked” away by the oil in the T zone.

It is recommended to “appropriate remedies”, do not remove the part that has not fainted, the second makeup will cause skin dryness.

  2 Paste blush to quench thirst: Paste blush is recommended for two people who are dry, because paste blush is very malleable, its thickness is more moist than powder, and it is easier to blend with the skin.

But pay attention to control the amount of makeup, so as not to make makeup feel too thick.

  3 Sprays have tips: When using sprays, eye makeup is often prone to being “injured.”

So before spraying the entire face, fold the tissue paper into three folds, gently cover the eyes, then slightly raise your head, and spray with a light spray.

  4 Eye makeup moisturizing and long-lasting makeup method: The eyes are the easiest to dry. You can use cotton pads to wipe out the smudged color, and then apply a little eye cream that can be used directly on the makeup with your ring finger.
It is more difficult to apply near the root of the eyelashes. You can use a cotton swab to dip the lotion to wipe the halo makeup, and it can also achieve a moisturizing effect.

  5 Quickly remove dead skin on lips: Lipsticks and lip glosses are sometimes prone to dust on the lips and cause dryness.

After wiping off the makeup with a wet towel, apply the lip balm thickly on the lips, and then wipe off the excess lip balm with a paper towel after 2 minutes, so that the dead skin can be taken away by the way.

  The 6 steps are particular about: before applying makeup, first dip the excess oil with an oil-absorbing tissue, spray the moisturizing spray on the face, pat it with the palm of your hand, and make the skin better absorbed through the slight temperature.

  7 Dry Line Buster Makeup Milk: It is recommended to apply a layer of moisturizing makeup milk after partial makeup removal (note that it is not the type of skin tone adjustment).

After applying the pre-makeup cream, apply it to both cheeks with both hands for a while, then add powder.

  Tips: 1.

After absorbing oil with oil-absorbing paper, moisturize the sponge with a little moisturizing lotion and apply makeup with foundation to improve the moisturizing effect.


Cover your eyes with a spray and avoid eye makeup.


Use a cotton swab dipped in lotion to remove the stunned eye makeup.