Shoulder and neck yoga for shoulder and back pain

Shoulder and neck yoga for shoulder and back pain

I often sit and work, do I always feel headache and soreness, back pain?

  1. Fish type ① Lie flat on the floor, feet close together, legs straight on the ground, facing straight, hands on the side, lay the left side on the floor, rise up and take a deep breath.

  ② Bend your elbows, insert your forearms on the floor, lift the top off the ground, and lift it slightly upwards.

  2. Lion-shaped legs stand upright, point to the ground, hold your feet firmly, nail your thighs with your toes, straighten to the same width as your shoulders, support them below your body, open them up, try to make some exaggerated expressions on your face, relaxbody.

  3, children’s kneeling position, feet close together, calf surface close to the floor, step on the heel of the foot, bend the body, the abdomen close to the thigh surface, connect the sides of the body, close to the body, place the forehead on the floor.

  4. Lie on your back on the floor with your feet naturally apart, legs straight into the floor, straight into the floor, spread out naturally, and relax.

  5, Samurai kneeling position, feet close to each other, step on the heels, straighten hips, hands and palms against, eyes look forward, relax the body.

  6. The inverted elbow is bent, both hands support the waist, the shoulders share some of the weight, and the legs are straight and pointing upwards to keep the body balanced.

  7, sit cross-legged cross-legged, with the left foot inserted into the right thigh, the right foot inserted into the left thigh, hands naturally inserted above, straight forward, open the tibia, close your eyes and recuperate, do natural breathing.

  8, twisted sitting position, right leg bent, right heel close to the top vertical, left foot across the right thigh and inserted into the side of the right leg, the body turned to the right to twist, the left arm is aligned with the left rear, the left hand supports the ground, the right elbow is bent, the fingers are pointingAbove and insert at the top left.