Three locust petals in spring

Three locust petals in spring

Spring is here, and the locust flowers fly up.

Each Huaihua petal is a beautiful elf, and when they float on your head, you will be happy.

Do you know the arrangement of the 3 locust petals that originally fell this spring?

  The first locust petals broke away from the big tree at night, and she was flying over the city, and she refused to fall to the ground.

The night city is full of bright colors, and she can’t see enough. Spring breeze flew her across the crowded streets, singed buildings, and reached an alley.

The two thin girls walked blankly.

The older girl carried a handful of guitars, and the younger girl regained red flowers.

They wandered in this city, selling and singing at the stalls by the road.

In fact, they can’t sing or play the piano, but just randomly pick the guitar with only three strings and try to sing loudly.

Of course, if you listen carefully, their voices are clear and pure, like the river in their hometown.

However, most guests are not interested in listening, and they always send them away in a rough voice.

Therefore, after singing for one night, their meals were not made up.

The two girls walked staggeringly.

The Huaihua’s elf saw them and landed on the little girl’s head.

The little girl immediately bloomed like a flower.

She said to the big girl, sister, let me sing a song for you.

The older girl had no interest, and she was still wondering where today’s dinner was.

The little girl sings, dear little sister, please don’t cry, where is your home?

I will take you back to you.

She sang many songs, only this one was for herself.

The older girl listened and laughed, and squeezed the little girl’s shoulders.

  The second locust petals glide gently in the noon sun, and people in the city hurriedly walked in the sun.

A shoe-shoeing boy raised his head and walked down, he could not find a stall.

The first time, he found a place, but was driven away by the city management, and they kicked his jug.

The second time, he was kicked away by the woman who set up the book stand.

The woman threatened him that if he walked slowly, she would ask her son to break his leg.

In the third round, he dropped his head next to a man who also polished his shoes.

The man said nothing.

But somehow his business was better than that of men.

So the man was angry and drove him away.

The boy walked adolescently, and the flower elf flew towards him, and then slowly stuck to his sweaty hair.

The boy smelled the faint scent of locust, suddenly looked up at the sky, and a plane just taking off roared past his head.

He smiled, showing white teeth.

He didn’t know why he laughed. Maybe it was a flower fragrance, maybe it was an airplane, maybe it was nothing. Happiness came unexpectedly.

The boy walked to a corner and laid down a shoe brush box and a jug.

The hawker selling cigarettes gave him a vicious glance at him.

The boy smiled at him, the hawker was infected by the spring breath of the boy, and thought and laughed.

  The third Huaihua petals circling in the dusk sky, she is still attached to the big tree, but with her mission, she wants to bring happiness to people.She flew, flew, looking for a place to converge.

She saw an old man, and he found black-rimmed glasses with white tape on it.

He is a renter of books, and work only starts at this time.

He set up a book stand at the alley, waiting for people to return and borrow books after work and school.

He sat on an old rattan chair and flipped through the books at will.

Somehow, he couldn’t see it today.

Normally, he can always immerse himself in the world of the book, become the protagonist in the book, and join in a vigorous legend.

Today, in this spring evening, his thoughts flow, and his life is gone.

He remembered his glorious youth. He was full of poetry and talents, but the world was unpredictable, and now he can only live by renting books.

Is this his life?

He was unwilling.

The old man renting a book stared blankly at the sky. He saw the sun like an egg yolk going down, and on the other side of the sky, a new moon hung in the sky.

Suddenly, a little white thing appeared in the air, slowly flying towards him.

It was a petal that he greeted with some kind of hand.

That petal suddenly struck a spin and landed on top of his head.

The book-rental gentleman gently lifted the petals and smiled.

He thinks what happened to me, that’s how life is.

What’s wrong with renting books, having food, clothes, and reading books, that’s enough.

Moreover, it can recommend several good books to people.

He is also a communicator of culture.

The old man was relieved, waiting for customers to come.

  Sophora flowers are blooming, and each petal has gone to fulfill their mission.

People walk among the locusts, the poor, the rich, the beautiful, the ugly.

The elf of the flower will fall on someone’s head at an unexpected time, making him suddenly happy this spring.