State-owned enterprise reform entered a year of tackling

State-owned enterprise reform entered a year of tackling

Source: Securities Daily’s two sessions report Zuo Yonggang “The role of enterprises in the role of supply-side structural reforms, to optimize the layout of state-owned capital, increase structural adjustment, and actively and steadily promote equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, chemical, etc.Strategic reorganization in the field, continued to promote the professional integration of power, nonferrous metals, steel, offshore equipment, environmental protection and other fields, solidly promote the integration of regional resources, steadily promote international operations, and continuously improve the efficiency of resource allocation.

“On March 9, Xiao Yaqing, director of the SASAC, said at a press conference of the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress.

  On the afternoon of the same day, the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress held an antique press conference at the Medea Center. Xiao Yaqing, director of the SASAC, Weng Jieming, deputy director, secretary general, and news report Peng Huagang answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on issues related to “embracing corporate reform and development.”

Xiao Yaqing said, “2019 is a tough year for the reform of state-owned enterprises. Based on the previous work, we will further summarize the typical experience and expand it across the country.

Xiao Yaqing said that in doing a good job in 2019, the SASAC will achieve “one guarantee” and “six enhancements.”

“One guarantee” is to ensure that the aggressive goals set by central enterprises this year can be achieved. The “six enhancements” are to strengthen the main business of the industry and continuously improve the development quality of the central business.

Second, we must strengthen the implementation of reforms and continuously enhance the development vitality and stamina of enterprises.

Third, we must strengthen independent innovation and accelerate the upgrading of the manufacturing 深圳桑拿网 industry.

Fourth, we must strengthen management and improve and strive to move towards world-class standards.

Fifth, we must strengthen risk management and control, and do “sandbox deduction” and stress testing according to changes in circumstances.

Sixth, we must strengthen the transformation of strength.

  Talking about the next step of state-owned enterprise reform, as well as the focus and breakthroughs of the reform, Xiao Yaqing said, “In 2019, we will focus on the supply-side structural reform and focus on promoting breakthrough development and accelerating the cultivation of world-class companies that are global competitiveness.

Focus on five areas: First, work hard to reform the domestic capital authorization management system and accelerate the transition to managed capital.

The regulatory list for 2019 is mainly to clarify boundaries, streamline relationships and decentralize power.

The second is to promote the trial of state-owned capital investment and operation companies.

The third is to promote the reform of mixed ownership and equity diversification.

The fourth is to promote the contractualization of the construction of the board of directors and the tenure of managers.

Fifth, focus on multiple measures and strengthen positive incentives.

Recently, the SASAC has issued a new assessment method, which is currently underway.

  Giving full play to the role of state-owned enterprises in the supply-side structural reform, Xiao Yaqing believes that traditional enterprises need to make efforts in four areas: first, to accelerate innovation-driven development.

The second is to strengthen the main business and industry.

The third is to optimize conventional capital layout.

Intensify structural adjustment, actively and steadily advance strategic reorganization in the fields of equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, and chemical industry, continue to promote professional integration in the fields of power, nonferrous metals, steel, offshore equipment, environmental protection, and solidly promote regional resource integrationSteadily carry out international operations and continuously improve the efficiency of resource allocation.

The fourth is to strengthen management and improve efficiency.

  The reform of mixed ownership is a breakthrough in the reform of state-owned enterprises.

Xiao Yaqing said that in the next step, we must implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and further advance the mixed ownership work actively and steadily.

In 2019, it is necessary to increase the classification and promote the reform of mixed ownership.

Commercial state-owned enterprises, state-owned capital investment companies, state-owned capital operating companies, and world-class demonstration companies created by them, and the “Double Hundred” reform pilot companies launched last year, all these enterprises must increase the reform of mixed ownership.

  ”In addition, to expand mixed ownership reform in key areas, the fourth batch of more than 100 enterprises with mixed ownership will be further launched in key areas.

More importantly, we must deepen the connotation of the reform of mixed ownership, and pay more attention to the quality and effect of mixed reform.

Xiao Yaqing said.