So-called“Mechanical decontamination”,Is for some hard attachments,Clean with a small ultrasonic cleaner or electric lettering pen, etc.。

That kind of thing,Can’t be washed off with detergent。Such as some sea fishing porcelain,Often attach some shells or something,Seriously affected the beauty of the porcelain itself。
Chemical decontamination,Should be easier to understand,Mainly for calcium carbonate on porcelain、Use diluted hydrochloric acid or formic acid to remove magnesium。
“in fact,the most important,Still clean the fracture,It takes more professional people to do it。Fracture is not clean,When bonding,Will leave clear traces。”Populus supplement。
Washed ancient porcelain fragments,According to the serial number,Put one by one,Very orderly。
next job,Is splicing。This is the same as the puzzles you usually play,You have to find the location of each piece,Piece them together into a complete piece of porcelain。
This requires the staff to follow the shape of the utensil、Ornamentation、Trial assembly of colors,Mark with a pen,And plan the bonding sequence。
“Final bonding work,Is the most critical,Determine the success and failure of a piece of porcelain restoration,And the quality of the repair。”Hu Yang told everyone。
Bonding is a more difficult process in repairing porcelain,When operating, take care of up, down, left and right in accordance with the pre-determined plan,The more broken ones can start from the bottom,Some can stick from the edge of the mouth,It must be done that every sticky piece can’t have the slightest error。If a piece is misplaced,In the end will not be able to comply。
Be careful not to apply too much glue when bonding,To apply glue to the center of the tile,Pressure must be applied when paired,And tied up with white cloth tape,Wipe off the glue with acetone immediately。
The entire ancient porcelain restoration process,Through Hu Yang’s live broadcast room,Open to everyone for the first time。
Everyone knows,Repair a piece of porcelain,There may not be too much work to be done,But need to be very careful,Very strict on various materials。
“Have long experience,It turns out that the national treasure was restored like this。”
“This kind of work,It’s really not what ordinary people can do,so boring。You also see,They didn’t speak just now,This environment,I have a word,Absolutely unbearable。”