Xiao Fan and each of them are working harder to make progress,Just like Bai Chen, she is also trying to accept some company things。

Sometimes Gu Jin is not there,Then he can also go up,In this way, two people will not have one idle and rely on one person to work hard。
Although Bai Chen was a proper housewife when he was in Kunlun Ruins a few years ago,Although she doesn’t need to do anything,But basically they stay at home and enjoy the flowers,Look at the grass,Go shopping。
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five Hang out
Life is particularly comfortable,But it feels very boring,Gu Jin was also very busy at that time,I always don’t have time to spend time with her and Xiao Nian Gao。
She won’t complain,But she also feels sad,Gu Jin feels very guilty sometimes。
But he always wanted to wait until that time to make good compensation for Bai Chen and Xiao Nian Gao,Now he did it too,He also felt very relieved。
Four people didn’t do anything after eating,Just didn’t drive,The four of them took a walk on the road。
In fact, the scenery of the city at night seems more beautiful,Everyone can relax,Take a good look at the surrounding scenery,Look at this brightly lit。
Sometimes you can see the hurrying,Maybe the person rushing to work overtime only had a piece of bread in his mouth,Little white-collar worker holding a cup of milk tea。
Everyone is working silently for their lives,So everyone deserves respect。
Lin Yoona really likes this feeling now,I can look at everything around me quietly to understand my life。
Actually life depends on feeling,Instead of arranging it step by step。