Some food cannot be eaten with chicken

Some food cannot be eaten with chicken

Many people know that eating chicken can supplement the nutrition and improve the body’s immunity, but they still fall into some misunderstandings of the chicken diet. Some people cannot eat chicken, and some foods cannot be matched with chicken. These misunderstandings can beLet’s eat chicken, we originally wanted to supplement, but instead we ate the wrong food and harmed our health.

  People who should not eat chicken have a cold and fever, people who have a high internal fire, people who have heavy phlegm, people who are obese, complication due to fever, and high blood pressure, high blood lipids, cholecystitis, and gallstones.The temperature is warm, helping the fire, hyperactivity of liver and yang, oral erosion, skin bloated, and constipation should not eat chicken; people with cold, headache, fatigue, fever should not eat chicken or chicken soup.

  Certain foods cannot be eaten with chicken 1, chicken and carp: chicken sweet and warm, carp sweet.

The chicken fills the middle and helps the yang, and the carp has good gas and water.

Fish are rich in protein, trace elements, enzymes and various biologically active substances; chicken meat is also extremely complex.

  2. Chicken and plums are grammable, while food is pulled.

Rescue: Eat chicken urine.

  3, chicken and chrysanthemum are grams, food is dead.

Rescue: Asarum for one dollar, Chuanlian five points decoction.

  4, chicken and glutinous rice: the same food can cause physical discomfort.

  5. Chicken and garlic: Garlic Xin Wen is poisonous, the main effect is to eliminate the valley, eliminate wind, and kill viruses.

Chicken chicken is warmed with warm acid, the functions of the two are complementary, and the garlic smells bad. From a seasoning perspective, it is not compatible with chicken.

  6, chicken and sesame: the same food can cause death.

  7, chicken and wasabi: If these two foods are eaten together, they will hurt their vitality.

Because mustard is a hot substance, chicken is a product of warm supplements, which may help the heat and is not good for health.

  8, chicken and dog kidney phase g: can cause dysentery.

  9, pheasant and catfish: catfish is Gan Wen, hot, for lowering gas and water, while pheasant is slightly cold, for Buzhong Yiqi Jianpi, so the sexual function is not consistent.

Fish and pheasant meat contain a variety of amino acids and enzyme hormones, trace elements, etc., so they should not be cooked together because of their complex biochemical reactions.