“(Roll your eyes)brothers,Too exaggerated!Not that much。but,Can save our traditional culture in Greater China,It’s my duty。Post as proof,As long as the uncle fixes the live broadcast room,I will order ten pieces immediately,Good gift,What a grade!”

“I am a friend next to me,Someone will like it。”
Populus Fist:“Thank you everyone for supporting our traditional culture,Have all these words,I feel relieved。after,We will also be exposed to more endangered traditional crafts,I will try my best,Encounter this kind of thing,Will order a batch,Give everyone benefits,Hope don’t dislike it。”
Dislike?Hu Ge,Are you kidding?
After all, they were bought with money,Even if you don’t know how to appreciate,For nothing,Who would dislike?
unconsciously,Populus found,I already have a large number of loyal fans。What you say and do,Will affect many people。
once,He live broadcast,Just to make money。This is from my heart,Is really just to make money。but now,Feel a little bit more。
A responsibility?
At this moment,A reward message in the system awakened Populus。
System reward:Host triggers a sense of responsibility to save traditional culture,reward10000Mental point,Rewarding skills,Reward Su Shi’s calligraphy essence。
Hu Yang was stunned,Ten thousand spirit points,It’s nothing,You can earn。
But an unforgettable skill,Everyone should be jealous?After he got the system,I found my memory has improved a lot,But I can’t remember it!
This skill,Came very well,I can unscrupulously enrich my knowledge base。Then,I will explain to you later,Just like a fish in water。