By the way, this GEODIS is not a human thing!

That’s his grandfather,His grandfather loved him most since he was a child!
How could he be ruthless,I personally took the life of my grandpa?
Really frantic!
Qiao Tianyu can’t wait to smash Qiao Daye’s body immediately,Let him apologize for the patriarch grandpa!
Good now,The old patriarch died,Qiao Tianyu’s clues in China are also broken,This undoubtedly gave Qiao Tianyu a fatal blow to the process of exploring the forces behind the scenes.!
But Qiao Tianyu changed his mind,Since the old patriarch has passed away for many years,What the little fat face said“Big gift”What is it?
First0040chapter Big gift
This morning is the day when Little Fat Face came back,Qiao Tianyu is anxious to know what the little fat face brought back“Big gift”What is it,So he took time off from David,Waiting for the arrival of chubby face。
No delay,No accident,There is no embarrassment,Ten ten in the morning,The apartment door was knocked as scheduled。
Qiao Tianyu can’t wait to run to open the door,as expected,Standing outside the door,Exactly that“Thinking day and night”Chubby face!
Little don’t win newlyweds。
Not seen for a week,Little fat face misses Qiao Tianyu very much。
See Qiao Tianyu again,Chubby face without saying anything,A big bear hug came directly。