You know, Lena is a god。

Xin Zhao is just the guy who just awakened his genes,Can actually hurt her,This is incredible,Although it only hurts a little。
“I say beauty,you know me,I don’t know you。”Xin Zhao was wronged,Didn’t you just look at her sneakily?,So sexy,Isn’t it just for people to see?!
Xin Zhao just watched it a little longer,But I didn’t do anything else。
Could it be that his charm is too big,Let this beautiful woman hate directly because of love,This is very possible。
“Don’t know now,I’ll give you a good introduction。My name is Delena,Sun light,Your goddess!”Lena introduced herself to Xin Zhao,It’s just that this introduction is just a little second。
‘Sun light,Your goddess!’
How to speak,But why do I feel this is a bit familiar。
and many more,Reina,Lena,Could it be that she is really the light of the sun,Lena of Super Seminary,It’s just this guy who came to me for。
“That one,Your name is Delena,I’ll call you a beauty,You say you know me,Then i know you today too,I am really tight now,And I still have a paper that I haven’t finished,you know too,I am a good student,Shall we make an appointment another day!”
Brought to you by Lena,There is a terrible thought in Zhao Xinxin, he is not the pit of the super seminary, right?。
But shouldn’t,Xin Zhao is a top student of the North Star,The idol in the eyes of many school girls。
You know that not everyone can study at North Star,He is the genius among the legendary geniuses。
“good student,It’s okay to read in the library,Good student peeping at beauties,What happened to me just now,I haven’t settled accounts with you yet,You can go if you want,Knock me down,Otherwise I won’t let you go!”Lena shows charity to Xin Zhao(demon)Smile。
I go!
Now that I know this woman is Lena,Think about her combat power,Xin Zhao thinks he has at most a hundred,And she has at least three thousand,This gap is too big。
By the way, I looked at her at most,My heart crooked a bit,Nothing else。
Is she still missing a piece of meat?。
“That one,beauty,Shall we discuss it again!”Xin Zhao feels like a beauty like Rena,It should be possible to negotiate,probably!
“Crooked,You don’t do it,I’m here!”A little bit,Lena rushed towards Xin Zhao,That speed shocked Xin Zhao directly。