Liu Taosheng’s face is a bit bitter,Maybe he just wants to earn money to pay off debts,Don’t even think about playing games。

Zhang Bo took a few cards from Lu Menglin,Just look around。
“what?The painting is quite level!This character is.Zhang Fei?”Zhang Bo froze for a moment,I didn’t expect to see the original family in history on the card。
On the card in Zhang Bo’s hand, a black face with a beard, Zhang Fei,Only wonderful。
“And Zhuge Liang!I recognize this,Lupin Bandana,Strong scull!”Xu Ling took one from Zhang Bo,Nod in praise。
“Haha!I am Guan Yu,Qinglong Yanyue Knife,Chimima,Warm wine cut Huaxiong!”Zhu Xiaoguang also took one,Tsk Tsk Wonder Road。
These little cards are all historical figures,To be precise, they are historical figures of the Three Kingdoms,Use simple and clear brushwork,Outline the most distinctive characteristics of the characters,Let people know who the person in the painting is at a glance!
“How to play this?It seems very interesting。”Xu Ling blinked,Asked with a smile。
Lu Menglin spread the cards in his hand,Introduction:“Every character in the Three Kingdoms you see,Have their own professional skills and attributes,And each of our players,Belong to different identity camps。”
“The four identities are the lord、Loyal minister、Anti-thief and insider,Then according to different camps and identities,Make corresponding actions and reactions。”
“simply put,Got the master status,Is the most important,Need to be protected,The goal of the anti-thief is to kill the lord,Loyal ministers need to protect the lord,And the rape is more fun,Can neither reveal identity,To kill everyone again.Let’s play a game and we’ll know。”Lu Menglin introduced。
The Three Kingdoms Killing Card Game,It’s actually an upgraded version of the murder game of later generations,Lu Menglin intends to launch it ahead of schedule in 1999,It just so happens that online games are not yet popular,And in the gap where the social attributes of arcade games are not strong。
Compared to arcade games,More people can participate in board games,And even if not
Girls who love to play games,Can also easily participate。
Compared to the smog in the arcade hall,Mixed,The Three Kingdoms Killing board game is really suitable。Everyone can play in a different role camp,Express your personality and potential consciousness through games。